Agata Monika Kwiatkowski

„Each work of art has its own self, reflecting the soul of the artist”

Agata Monika Kwiatkowski

After an experimental phase, portraits and figurative acrylics as well as oil painting has my strong dedication. Emotions and spirituality always play a role here. In an expressive illustration I paint people who play a role in history, science as well as arts, by the use of bold colors.

Spontaneous realism, does not require a particular rule or specific techniques are essential.

The characters are without conscious consideration and presented from the momentary emotional state. I leave my creativity to colors and a dynamics free run. Emotions and spirituality always play an important role.

Born in 1960 and raised in Poland as child of German and Polish parents in multicultural Gdansk/Zoppot, I discovered very early my passion for sketching and painting. I studied civil engineering as well as architecture in Gdansk and Breslau, Poland and moved to Germany in 1992
where I still work as an Architect.

Latest exhibition

2023 April Group Exhibition „Kunst trifft Historie“, Schloss Arenfels, Germany
2023 April Trio-Exhibition, Galerie Onil, Bremen
2022 Juni Group Exhibition, Galerie Onil, Bremen
2020 April Group Exhibition „Art Rom“, Flyer Art Gallery, Rom, Italy
2020 „MenschKunst“ Onlinegalerie, Germany
2019 Mai Group Exhibition, „Kunst bei temps“, Neustadt a. Rbge.
2019 Onlinegalerie Argato
2014 – 2020 participation in various workshop with artists – Bernd Klimmer, Annette Schmucker, Conny Himme, Inga Mihailovic, Mario Müller

Agata Monika Kwiatkowski

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